When summer vacation comes to an end…

You know life is like summer vacation when the time is going happy. When you are enjoying the whole world and while having enjoyment it feels like days are going faster and faster. And after sometimes, some kind of pressure or problem come towards you while enjoying happy days, you can’t accept easily and you starts cursing that thing as problem or pressure and let your own happiness down. And there comes the ending of happiness vacation, and exact that time you will feels like your summer vacation are comes to an end. All the things will back to routine and you also think that all the happiness will gone. But darling that’s a point you miss, which is given by life. Life is all about happiness, and life’s major task towards you is that only, you need to find happiness in small things in your routine. And if you are getting a vacation then it’s only for your relaxation and time for yourself. So that, after gaining happiness dose you can enjoy the routine also. So dear friends, don’t afraid of ending vacation just understand the meaning of vacation.

“Life is all about finding happiness in your surroundings rather than finding that in vacations.”
Pic credit:- @intheblockof

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Published by Devyani Joshi

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