Some precious moments.

It was a day about peace and nature. We all headed to sollang valley at manali, I was the camp manager in that camp. And for this time my parents were also the part of the camp. For the first time they came so long for vacation, I was about to think to give some time to them but at the same time I was handling some responsibilities so I was not able to do that. But they were so happy to see me working like this and so they didn’t regret about I was not giving time to them. On the way, we took a rest near a place called Nehru Kund. The place had an amazing view of mountains and it was place of river side. All the people went down near river and started capturing photos and my parents were waiting for me. As I went to them they both hugged me and asked me to click some pictures with them, it was a time I realized that they were waiting all the time for me to be free and spend time with them. I got little emotional at the moment and I stared capturing pictures with them and again I hugged them and that was a very precious moment for me. Nothing is more precious than having happy moments with our parents.

When you are in nature’s lap with parents, nothing is more precious than that.
Pic credit:- @intheblockof

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